Pre production

This is the time when we meet you, discuss and enquire about the basic information of "Who your audience is, what is your vision, your timeframe, and the locations.

Our team ensures to understand your needs, goals and requirements. Ultimately which results in concept development, production mapping, content development, scheduling and documentation.


its time where we come to the front foot and get into action to turn your imagination to reality. The team strictly works as per the plan. Director keeps an eye on creative as well as qualitative aspect of production, all this takes places under the efficient production crew which manages audio and video recording, lighting and positional placement.

Post Production

Here the cherry is placed on the cake. The recorded audiovisuals are captured, edited, graphics are included. Sound enhancement and mixing, color correction, special effects, voice-overs and animation if required. We cook a dish and present it well to our costumers and here we make sure that it taste also good.